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Leaves Shadows

Joni Zwick


Originally from Charleston, WV, I grew up in Appalachia. In 1988, my husband’s career took us to South Florida. From WV to Florida (and we covered the entire state), to Colorado, to Georgia, and finally back to Ponte Vedra Beach, there were eight moves in 16 years. Such is the life of being married to a Construction Engineer. I was a stay at home for those 16 years, and we followed my husband & I's career.

I was determined, to start my career in the medical/psychology field, when the youngest child started school. Little did I know that this journey had been preparing me for a career in Real Estate. We moved back to Ponte Vedra Beach in the summer of 2003, and I started selling Real Estate in January 2004 and haven’t let up. I often think of my journey and am filled with gratitude. How lucky I am to be able to live, work and play in this beautiful part of the world. I’ve formed relationships with some of the best, most interesting people you can imagine. So, whether it’s a buyer or a seller, the transaction is unique, special, and most important to me. My career has taught me ‘Versatility,’ and I strive to be the best at that because everyone deserves a GREAT Real Estate Agent.

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Joni Zwick on 5 home transactions over the past 10 years. She is without question, the most passionate and knowledgeable realtor I’ve worked with in my 25 years of real estate investment. She is also extremely supportive long after the sale whether it’s a botched inspection and she fights for you to make it right or you need some tax documents, and she provides instantly.  Couldn’t be happier with Joni and will certainly use on my next investment.  Thanks"

Steve Baumgartner

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